A bride radiates beauty from the inside out.

Our goal is to refine and develop the perfect look that will be unique to only you for that walk down the aisle. We don't leave anyone out. Your groom, wedding party and family members are all part of the plan. Let us customize a wedding package that will meet everyone's needs. Our expert service providers are highly qualified and ready to fulfill your vision for the biggest day of your life.

For the Bride

  • Bridal Hair
       (portrait) $60 & up
       (day of) $55 & up
  • gloBridal Makeover
       2 sessions $120
  • gloBridal Facial Prep $45
  • Bridal Package $225
    hair, makeover & skin prep--all sessions

Bridal Party and Family

  • Bridal Party Styling $25 & up
  • Bridal Party Formal Hair $45 & up
  • Grooms Shape & Style $25
       Style Only $15
  • Bridesmaid GLo Makeover $45
  • Mothers of Bride & Groom Styling $25
  • Mothers of Bride & Groom Glo Makeover $50

Custom Packages Available

Customized wedding day packages are always available. Please consult with bridal coordinator.